Thursday Doors: Venice

Continuing last week’s theme of decrepit blue doors, this battered-looking specimen is to be found on the island of Burano in the Venetian lagoon.


And here are a couple more from Venice that I’ve used in previous posts:

Thursday Doors: 7th January 2016

12 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Venice

  1. Those door are beautiful, but as Norm, said, they make me sad for the neglect. I heard many, many years ago, so it may not apply now, that in Italy, homes are taxed on the outside, which is then often left unimproved, while the inside can be quite spectacular. No time now to try to find out if that’s true, but it would explain a lot.


  2. that first shot is a wow. I love the color and texture. I want to run my hand along those panels.

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