Thursday Doors: Chez Philippe

Chez Philippe is what’s known in France as a ‘Lieu-dit‘ (literally, ‘a place called..’). This appelation is usually given to a group of buildings not big enough to constitute a village, or even a hamlet. This one is in the neighbouring commune of Nouic and consists mainly of an alpaca farm run by an English couple. It also has many interesting doors, including the only one I’ve ever seen with a window-box:



Thursday Doors 12 May 2016

16 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Chez Philippe

  1. Aren’t they lovely those old doors. The first one reminds me of a photo my husband made of nearly the same kind of door in a hamlet in Spain. Maybe they date from the same time. Anyway, you certainly made the most of them.

  2. Oh my a door with a window box, but it does need some TLC and some green fingers. Very interesting post.

  3. The doors are just great,full of character, but I also love the massive lintel on the window box door, and the beautiful purple wisteria draping across the wall, sets off the last door perfectly…

  4. No door is safe after seeing that photo. I’ve never come across a window box on a door, either. Love the idea, though, and your photos are fab.

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