Thursday Doors: Thiers – Odds

The second instalment of the doors of Thiers features those with odd numbers.

The narrow streets of the medieval centre are quite steep in parts, as you can see here:

Thiers odd4

…and here (not so old, but just as tatty):

Thiers odd8

Over time, street level has risen, leaving some doors with what could be desxribed as restricted access:

Thiers odd2

Thiers odd3

I couldn’t not include this door with the adjacent mural:

Thiers odd7

And on a hot day, this seemed like a good idea:

Thiers odd9

Thursday Doors 1 September 2016

4 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Thiers – Odds

  1. Bravo! Another awesome collection.
    I’m not sure how no one stops to find a solution when re-doing the street, to take into account the effect of raising the street level will have on the buildings and doors. I have never seen this before; very interesting.

  2. Great selection of doors that could use some love. I really like the mural, although it’s too bad someone put graffiti on it. I think numbers 5 and 7 are my favorites but the rising street could certainly be a problem.


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