Thursday Doors: Thiers – Even(s) More

This, I promise, is the final instalment of the myriad interesting doors of Thiers, this time featuring the even numbers. The first is notable for its very elaborate stone surround:

Thiers even7

I’ve put these next two side by side as they are like mirror images:

And these two because of their similar shapes. Note the ironwork above the door on the left:

Finally, judging by the debris in front of this door, something of a renovation project is going on behind it.

Thiers even6

Next week we’re off somewhere closer to home that, on a recent visit, proved to be just as fascinating in the door department.

Thursday Doors 8 September 2016

9 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Thiers – Even(s) More

  1. That first one is eye-catching and I also like #18 (although I like them all.) Looks like a fair bit of restoration on the doors themselves and surrounding area wouldn’t be amiss, but they certainly have the good bones to make them attractive even now.


  2. I appreciate it that you eye doesn’t only go to the doors in tip-top condition. And there are many similarities between French and Italian doors, I can see.

  3. loved all of your doors – rich and story telling – and the one (8) with the busted stairs – adds more intrigue

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