Thursday Doors: St-Germain-de-Confolens

St-Germain-de-Confolens is yet another pretty little village that’s only a twenty minute drive from here at Tranquility Base (we’re surrounded by them, but who’s complaining?), although it’s in a different département – Charente as opposed to Haute-Vienne.

Effectively, it’s just one street that runs parallel to the Charente river. However, the doors are interesting and there are enough of them to need two instalments to dispay here.

You need to be careful stepping out of this one:

St Germain

These two are actually next to each other in real life, as it were:

In this one, I like that the gateway echoes the shape of the door behind it:

St Germain-15

The door’s okay in this one, but I was particularly drawn to the tatty shutter on the window at top left:

St Germain-21

And finally for this week, you can’t help wondering if there’s a secret garden behind this little door:

St Germain-18

Thursday Doors 15 September 2106

6 Comments on “Thursday Doors: St-Germain-de-Confolens

  1. Some more lovely ones. You really have some nice ‘hoods in that area 🙂
    The brown one with the bicycle and the long iron strap hinges is my favorite. I just love the color of the wood.

  2. I wonder whether the door in the first one could even open all the way. I like the one with the bicycle parked near it and the one with the gateway. The shabby, ancient beauty of many European doors contrasts sharply with either boring doors (such as on our rental house) or the very new, fancy doors here in the US. Of course, since the homes weren’t built hundreds of years ago, the doors can’t very well be hundreds of years old, either. Not saying one is better or worse, but it’s just a contrast, as are the homes.


    • Very true. Around here, in a very rural area, there are lots of old houses and agricultural buildings, not all of them in the best state of repair and while I take your point about modern doors, which can certainly have their own aesthetic, somehow the oldies I tend to feature seem to have more of a story to tell.

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