Thursday Doors: Maison de George Sand

George Sand was a noted 19th century French writer, known also for the glittering company (Chopin, Flaubert to name but two) she entertained at her house in the hamlet of Nohant, in the Indre département of central France. You can read more about her here.

Today her impressive residence is open to the public and a very popular destination for tourists and coach parties, which is how I found myself there recently. It’s got some nice doors too.

This is the gated entrance to the house; note the bricked up doors on either side:


The inevitable Gift Shop is housed in what looks like a former stable block. Not only are these doors a lovely colour but it’s unusual to see their inner side:


And here are a few more:




There is a formal garden to the side of the house. Rather incongruously, this ‘box’ of doors is plonked in the middle of the lawn. I suppose it must be art.


Thursday Doors 6 October 2016

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Maison de George Sand

  1. I love the use of so much blue for gate and doors. The second to last door is so skinny, but also so very tall. I think I’d pass on the collection of “doors as art” and just enjoy how artistic the other doors are. Thanks for letting me tag along on the visit.


  2. Love those blue doors at the beginning and that narrow black one is quite interesting too. Thanks for the fun tour 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos. I think Norm must have made a sneaky trip over and planted those doors on the grass – great find for Thursday Doors.

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