Thursday Doors: Gargilesse

Not far from Nohant (assuming that your coach driver doesn’t get lost, like ours did – and not for the first time that day) is the picturesque village of Gargilesse, where George Sand had a smaller house, which was subsequently home to her daughter and husband for many years.

As well as a medieval church – of which this is the side door – with a remarkably frescoed crypt, the village also has a fair few, more interesting, doors.


There are doors in there somewhere, trust me:


These are rather easier to see. The first one is my favourite of this batch:




More from Gargilesse next week.

Thursday Doors 20 October 2016

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Gargilesse

  1. I love that stonework around door number three, it just makes it, plus the little cubby hole above the door, lovely post!

  2. The rustic look of the old stonework in the last few shots is just lovely. Thanks for sharing this collection 🙂

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