Thursday Doors: Gargilesse (encore)

More doors from the picturesque village of Gargilesse this week. If there is a common thread to this batch, it’s that all these doors, rather than being pictured in isolation, as it were, are shown in the context of the houses to which they belong.

I’m intrigued as to why the plate on the right hand gatepost of this house reads “Old Fashion Jazz Band”:


I’m also intrigued as to the significance of the cut-out letter ‘M’ in this upper-story door. It can’t be the obvious, because that would be ‘H’ for hommes.


This building used to be a pottery, which probably explains the substantial artefact in front of the door:


Not exactly disabled access, this one:


or this:


Thursday Doors 27 October 2016

12 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Gargilesse (encore)

  1. Some real beauties you found there. I have a fondness for the ironwork on that last one. Leave that one with me for a few days to sand and give it a fresh coat of finish and paint; it will be stunning!

  2. I really enjoyed seeing the doors “in context”, so to speak. Lots of lovely buildings this week as well as doors. I laughed at the one with no disabled access. The rest of the place looks kept up, but I wouldn’t want to have to use those stairs. I like your “M” door as well.


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