Thursday Doors: St Andrews

In a previous existence, we lived in Scotland for twenty years and it’s always good to return, as we did recently for a week’s holiday.

One of our favourite places is St Andrews – home of golf and also Scotland’s oldest University (established between 1410 and 1413) . We know it pretty well – not least because our daughter went to school there – but never tire of it. This is one of the gates to her alma mater, St Leonard’s:


The town centre is very compact and there are plenty of solid old stone buildings to admire – together with their characterful doors:



Some of the architecture is not only old but comparatively unusual, like this stone porch:


Not so unusual, but still attractive is this old half-spiral staircase:


The overall impression is one of solidity:


More from St Andrews next week.

Thursday Doors 3 November 2016

13 Comments on “Thursday Doors: St Andrews

  1. What a beautiful place and some lovely doors. No 60 takes my fancy. They must have been quite short looking at that very low window!

  2. What a peaceful place to study, how lucky your daughter was to have this environment to call ‘home’. Your photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful post – so much to love. The texture, the age and history, the stonework, and some lovely doors. I look forward to seeing more. 🙂

  4. Nice collection; #56 twin doors are interesting (similar doors but very different hardware and the person that painted the doors must have been short because the bare wood is showing on the tops of both doors).

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