Thursday Doors: Burano

Things have stayed pretty local as regards Thursday Doors over the past few weeks, so just for a change, somewhere a little more exotic – and colourful – this time.

There are two principal islands in the Venetian Lagoon: Murano, which is famous for its glass-making and Burano, something of an artists’ hangout and probably best known for its brightly-painted houses.


which of course means colourful door surrounds, even on the more decrepit examples:



Albeit that there’s a reassuring drabness about  this example:


Although this must be the hands-down winner – Charlie Chaplin and all:


Thursday Doors 19 January 2017

9 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Burano

  1. very interesting doors….
    and the charlie chaplin has a unique vibe because the bottom shutters are closed – and then the yellow leads into the red and he is right there…
    also- the one with 792 – what is that metal bar??

  2. I’ve read about these brightly colored houses and they’re so cheerful looking, although certainly not much privacy! 🙂 792 has to be the winner for me this week, although Charlie is pretty cool, too.


  3. I still kick myself for not hopping over to Burano while in Venice, and your colorful doors make me feel worse! Your photos are great and the yellow Chaplin one is my favorite. Did you buy any lace while there?

  4. Love the lively bold colors of the houses. I like how the faded-blue rusty metal door contrasts with the bright orange paint on the building.

  5. Was there probably 18 years ago, before TD was even a thought and didn’t focus on door photos (camera was film and not digital). Beautiful place and heard the locals hung their laundry out for the tourists (bet they might still be hanging the same clothes I saw when I was there). I recall taking a photo of some kids eating ice cream on a bench and they didn’t like tourists photographing them. Nice door finds!

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