Thursday Doors: St. Junien (1)

St Junien is one of the major towns of the Haute Vienne département and claims to be (or have been) the glove-making capital of France. Leather gloves, that is; they’re quite particular about that.

As with many other similar conurbations, there is a medieval centre that has become increasingly surrounded by more modern, and largely featureless, developments. Be that as it may, a recent ‘doorscursion’ provided plenty of photographic opportunities that will keep my ‘ Thursday Doors’ contributions well-supplied for the next few weeks, so here is the first instalment.

This ancient wooden door is set into what’s left of the old city walls:


By contrast, this house is obviously occupied and well cared-for:


as is this:


This one is more colourful than the norm:


Although these last two are a little more careworn:



(The white street sign in the last image is in the Occitan language, which was what was spoken round these parts until French became the official language of the whole country after 1789.)

Thursday Doors 2 February 2017

12 Comments on “Thursday Doors: St. Junien (1)

  1. Ruete sounds like a “little road”. But I prefer the first door, with its silvery patina of age, even if the feet are rotting. I wonder how old it is? The gate looks well put together, perhaps younger than I first thought. Thanks for posting.

  2. As usual, I liked them all. I was drawn to the curtains in the second shot, as they aren’t strictly white, as are most of the ones I’ve seen in France, but have the brown in them that plays off well against the doors and walls.


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