Thursday Doors: St Junien – Open to the public

For this third instalment of the doors of St Junien, as a change from the doors of private residences I’ve confined myself to some of the public buildings of the town.

To begin with, the old municipal offices which still stand opposite the new Mairie and admin block:


The main church of St Junien is a Collègiale. To be honest, the interior isn’t particularly impressive in my opinion, although the main doors are worth a look. As it’s now surrounded by newer buildings, it’s difficult to get a complete view in one shot (well, it is with the lenses I’ve got), but this close-up gives you the general idea:


To the left of the main entrance of the Collègiale is this unloved gate:


This is the Salle des Fêtes; in the UK it would probably be called the Assembly Rooms or something similar. The large ‘cartouche’ above the windows tells us that it was built between 1898 and 1900, following a vote of the local council in 1897. There then follows a long list of the members of the municipal council who approved the construction. Fascinating.


And finally, on a much smaller scale, is this unpretentious construct that sits in the middle of a roundabout on the main road through the town. Open to all passing birds, presumably.


Thursday Doors 16 February 2017

12 Comments on “Thursday Doors: St Junien – Open to the public

  1. Cute birdhouse and I too am a fan of the gate. The Salle des Fêtes is quite impressive as well. From the cartouche we can see that getting your name out there isn’t a new thing. 🙂


  2. Some impressive architecture in this collection. The addition of the birdhouse at the end is a nice contrasting touch.

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