Thursday Doors: Confolens (finale)

This is the fourth and final instalment of doors from the French town of Confolens. As last week’s post, which concentrated on gates, ended with a public building (the Hôtel de Ville), here are a couple of others to start us off, beginning with the old church:

while this grand building at the end of the new(er) bridge across the Vienne river, is now an educational establishment:

The carving above the lower left window indicates that this building was put up in 1885, although the door looks more like Art Deco to me:

I was just pleased with the way the light turned out on these doors up in the old town:

And finally, saving the worst (which is to say best) ’til last, is this fine example of a door designed by a committee:

Thursday Doors 23 March 2017

13 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Confolens (finale)

  1. Great selection of doors. The neo-gothic first door reminds me of Norm’s Montreal church doors. The third image definitely looks more Belle Epoque with the general architecture. But the windows have metal blinds and the door is obviously a newer addition. Art Deco maybe, or faux art deco perhaps. We need to know! A la prochaine.

  2. Some great doors albeit I’m not 100% sure about the modern one in the stone frame . . .interesting but can’t make my mind up if it works or not.

  3. The newer style door in that 1885 building does look odd to me as well.
    My fave is the first one of course, because: dark wood, hardware, columns…just beautiful 🙂

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