Thursday Doors: Nantes – rue Henri IV

We recently spent a few days in the city of Nantes, in the north-western part of France. While Madame took part in some workshops at a quilting expo, I took myself off with my camera in search of doors (among other things). There were plenty to see.

All the doors in this first instalment are on the same street – rue Henri IV, which runs at right angles to the River Loire. In effect, it marks the eastern boundary of the oldest surviving part of the city. All the buildings are constructed on a grand scale, although some are in better condition than others.

Unsurprisingly, since the street runs up from the river, it’s on a slope, which in terms of doors means that some are going to need steps in front of them:

Now then: do you see the small door in the bottom left of the picture above? Well, although  it’s worth a closer look, it isn’t actually a door:

It is, in fact, an art installation, as the accompanying notice explains:

(‘Hétéroclites’ means heterogenous, although it could also be translated as ‘motley’. In art terms, it’s something that is made of different elements, without either unity or harmony. The notice informs that the anonymous artist used various unrelated items and materials – such as the metal pipes that cover wiring etc. on external walls – that are to be found in the street.)

Thursday Doors 4 May 2017

4 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Nantes – rue Henri IV

  1. I wonder if I would have guessed these were French without the blue and white enamel number plate. A fine selection of portes.

  2. Beautiful stuff as usual. You really have a knack for finding wonderful doors among all of those different old buildings.

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