Thursday Doors: Nantes – Chateau des Ducs

Still in Nantes, this week we feature some of the doors to be found in the Chateau des Ducs, a moated castle in the centre of the city. Although originally medieval, the Chateau was extensively rebuilt in the early nineteenth century after much of it was destroyed in an explosion. Nowadays, it functions as a museum.

It’s still surrounded by a moat, however, and to access this particular door you will need to have the drawbridge down.

There’s no doubt that some of the original character of the Chateau was lost in the rebuilding process, but the doors are still worth a look:


This door is actually a display item inside the museum. The sign dates it to around 1740.

Thursday Doors 11 May 2017

7 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Nantes – Chateau des Ducs

  1. An amazing building. We passed by Nantes when we drove through France some years ago. Now that I’ve seen your photo, I wish we had stopped there.

  2. Am catching up on all your castle posts – this is a beautiful one -am glad they were able to rebuild it! Gothic is my favorite architectural style! And in white -I love it! In my opinion a castle is not a “real” castle if it does not have a moat:)

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