Thursday Doors: Nantes Cathedral

For the final instalment of doors from the French city of Nantes, we are looking at the magnificent cathedral, which has recently undergone extensive – and, I think, very sympathetic – renovation.

The first thing you notice about the external doors is how tall and narrow they are:

As I was snapping away, somebody had the temerity to walk into shot by coming out through one of the doors. At least it gives some perspective on how tall they actually are:

From the inside,they’re even more interesting:

…and any door within a door is worthy of a closer look:

Rather arrestingly, this door is halfway up a wall:

Door-shaped holes rather than actual doors on the Confessional:

Thursday Doors 25 May 2017

8 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Nantes Cathedral

  1. I was waiting for scale on that first one, so I’m glad someone had the temerity to exit 🙂 That set is so rich in texture. Great doors!

  2. Awesome doors! I did not at first notice the smaller door carved within the large door until your second photo with the person walkinig through. Simply unique doors, in size and embelishments.

  3. Wow what an amazing place. The shots from inside give you an idea of how old the timber in those doors must be. So much wear and tear but still standing the test of time. Wonderful shots 🙂

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