This knothole can be found in an ancient wooden door up in the medieval citadel of the French town of  Confolens.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Anything Made From Wood

5 Comments on “Knot(hole)

  1. What great photos – j’adore les photos en noir et blanc.

    You’re living my dream – retirement en France! Bravo!

    I’m on a 5 year plan. I’ve given myself 5 years to get the language down after 30 plus years of visiting France. My husband is half French and we plan to summer in and around La Rochelle when we retire.

    Enjoying your photos and blog.

    Merci !

      • Still learning and always will be. All our (permanent) neighbours are French and don’t speak English. We always try to speak French to French people (and really don’t understand the mentality of those Brits who refuse or don’t try to). We learn by immersion, you could say, and the effort is always appreciated (except by Parisian waiters).

      • LOL – on the Parisian waiters – try being an American with French in laws. Check out the two posts I wrote about them. One is about my father in law who refuses to even attempt to understand my french and the other is about my mother in law who during our last visit told me not to order wine… love them both but it’s made for some hilarious Vacations. Keep posting pictures.

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