Thursday Doors: Chateau de Meillant (1)

After a visit to the restored Cistercian Abbey at Noirlac, feautured last week, we visited Chateau de Meillant, a very grand edifice that has ben in the same family for over 500 years.

How they made it through the French Revolution without an appointment with Madame Guillotine I don’t know, but the current owner lives in one wing, of which this is the main door:

The rest of the house is open to the public and is richly endowed with period features, taking photographs of which is forbidden – not least because they sell more guide-books that way. On the outside, though, there are plenty of Gothic doors to admire:

Behind the chateau is what used to be the servants’ quarters:

and the stable block, which now houses a collection of vintage cars:

Next week more from Chatea de Meillant, including some rather less pristine examples.

Thursday Doors 20 July 2017

4 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Chateau de Meillant (1)

  1. Wowsa! I had to re-check to see whose blog I was visiting. 🙂 That’s quite the family home. I guess they didn’t downsize as they got older. Great doors, but I’m glad I don’t have to keep that place up. I’d much rather visit.


  2. What a treasure trove, all those gothic spires, doors and carvings. How they must have lived!

  3. What a place. With opulence like this no wonder the working class resented and eventually revolted. As you say, it’s amazing that these people escaped a date with the guillotine. All the same, the beauty and artistic merit of the place, and its doors, is without dispute. Wonderful shots 🙂

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