Thursday Doors: Meillant (2)

This week we have the second instalment of doors in the town of Meillant. Last week we focused on the imposing Chateau, but we are ranging a little further afield this time – although to begin with only as far as the family chapel, which stands in front of the main house:

Just inside the entrance to the site is this visitor centre, which houses a number of miniature models of the chateau and other prominent buildings:

All the doors so far have been in more or less pristine condition, but these two examples in the grounds of the Chateau are rather more neglected – and mysterious:

Finally, because there is a town (or village at any rate) outside the walls, two examples of where the other half 99.9% live:


Thursday Doors 27 July 2017

8 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Meillant (2)

  1. That second door from your previous post is beautiful – as well as the first one of this one. Sadly, these families do not have the army of people needed to keep the castle in pristine condition. But still, we can revel in the past, lol.

  2. Gosh, couldn’t they have made a larger chapel??? 🙂 I really like the second of the “mysterious” doors and the building that houses it.


  3. The second shot with the windows and shutters is really cool. Come to think of it, all the shots with the shutters are cool – I guess it’s because we don’t see much of that around here that it fascinates me so much.

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