Thursday Doors: Liverpool (1)

I was back to my Merseyside roots a few weeks ago (armed only with an oldish iPhone rather than my ‘proper’ camera kit) and spent a nostalgic day wandering around the centre of Liverpool.

Of course, a lot of it has been modernised since it was my stamping-ground almost fifty years ago, but there are still plenty of doors that have been around far longer than I have, as I’ll be showing over the next couple of weeks.

To begin with, here is a selection from the area around the Philharmonic Hall and the Anglican cathedral. One of Liverpool’s ‘posher’ thoroughfares is Rodney Street, dating from Georgian times and now – as the local equivalent to London’s Harley Street – largely occupied by medical and dental practices.

Over a hunderd years ago, my grandmother was a domestic servant in one of these grand houses, although probably not this one, which, according to the plaque, was the birthplace (in 1809) of W. E . Gladstone, who was Queen Victoria’s Prime Minister on no less than four separate occasions.

Another impressive example from further along the street:

Nearby is Hope Place, with its Georgian terraces set back from the street:

Heading back downhill into the heart of the city, you pass this long-standing edifice, which is where football referees go to complete their training:

And finally for this week, by way of contrast, just opposite the entrance to the Mersey Tunnel is a small green space called St. John’s Gardens. If memory serves, these used to be the entrances to the Ladies and Gents public conveniences:

Thursday Doors 3 August 2017

11 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Liverpool (1)

  1. Some true classic beauties in this collection. Judging by the first few shots it seems that columns were rather popular at one point.

  2. This is my old stomping ground, used to work in an office round here. Friday lunchtime was round to Ye Cracke in Rice Street for a pint or two of Pedigree or sometimes “Wobbly Bob” . I’ve always thought the houses in Hope Place were magnificent and so well maintained.

  3. Guess I had the wrong impression about Liverpool. Always had heard it was an industrial city, but it looks like there are other parts to it too! Beautiful and rich doors:)

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  5. Upon hearing that it was your environment, you might be amused to hear that this year Liverpool finds itself in the same group as Maribor. I’m talking soccer and Champions League. In case you’re at least slightly interested in it, I beg you, take it easy on our guys. 😀

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