Thursday Doors: Liverpool (2)

For the second and final instalment of doors from the great city of Liverpool this week, we’re down in the city centre, which still shows plenty of evidence of the port’s historic prosperity.

To begin with, there’s the grand Walker Art Gallery (although it’s rather overshadowed by it’s immediate neighbour, the great rotunda of the Picton Library – where I worked once upon a time).

However, it was commerce that provided the resources for the architectural statements of the city, as in the case of these Victorian office buildings:

Behind the Town Hall, on an open space called Exchange Flags, there’s this imposing building:

I can remember when the Bank of England had a branch in Castle Street, although the building has stood empty for years:

Finally, here are the splendid bronze doors of what was originally the Adelphi Bank on Castle Street – just opposite the Bank of England in fact.. For a time this was a branch of the Co-operative Bank and I worked in it for a few months in early 1974. It’s now a coffee shop, which means that it’s open from early ’til late, so I couldn’t get a shot of the doors closed. However, for an excellent piece about the Adelphi Bank and its exceptional doors you should visit this excellent blog, Alan’s History & Genealogy Spot.

Thursday Doors 10 August 2017

5 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Liverpool (2)

  1. Some very stately and handsome architecture in this collection.My eye keeps going back to that blue one flanked by the columns. Wonderful shot 🙂

  2. Am quite envious you used to work in the Picton, the interior is magnificent. The library I used to work in was, let’s say, simple and basic !
    Thanks for the link and comments, much appreciated.

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  4. Am glad you gave the art gallery’s door first place, because that’s the one I would be walking through I I were in Liverpool:) But more seriously, this is a great series of doors! The second building I like very much – have noticed that the more buildings I see, I lam drawn to the Victorian architectural style.. Then, if someone gave me a choice, I would choose the blue doors for my office!

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