Thursday Doors: Abbaye de La Reau (3)

A final set of doors from Abbaye de La Réau this week.

As we started last week’s instalment with an image taken from inside looking out, here’s another of the same, this time from the smithy/workshop:

This one is in the Visitor Centre:

In the grounds of the Abbey are the ruins of a round defensive tower, a refuge for the monks if some of their theological debates got a little heated:

And a couple more interesting doors from other buildings within the complex:

Thursday Doors 31 August 2017

4 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Abbaye de La Reau (3)

  1. I really like the stone and history vibe, and the first photo was the perfect one to open the post with because it is so inviting – and almost started the tour… 🙂

  2. The angle of the first door capture couldn’t be more perfect! Chuckled about your idea of heated theological discussions of the monks – I don’t know if real “discussions” were allowed in those times:)

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