Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

The sewing room of the nearby Chateau du Fraisse is a place of transformation, as fabric and thread are transformed into all manner of clothes and other items:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

5 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

  1. First time visitor–enjoying your work; the POV especially! This image is really lovely. The composition and lighting have the quality of a 19th Century painting. See Georg Friedrich Kersting, for example.

    • Thank yo very much for your kind – and encouraging – words. I was quite pleased with the way that this image finally turned out, but it was a very ‘interesting’ exercise in post-processing to compensate for the very bright backlighting coming through the window (changing the angle wasn’t an option because we weren’t allowed past the doorway). I was not aware of Kersting, although I’ve seen some of the work of his contemporary, Caspar David Friedrich. He was quite fond of challengingly placed windows though, wasn’t he?

      • In the same way a painter kisses the canvas with a bit of highlight or adds deeper dimension with shadow, I like to think of the post processing as part of the photography (writing with light). Thanks for dropping by my place!

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