Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

The sewing room of the nearby Chateau du Fraisse is a place of transformation, as fabric and thread are transformed into all manner of clothes and other items:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

F is for F7777473

This is the serial number of the old Singer sewing machine that we acquired last year. It’s possible to look up these numbers online, and we discovered that this particular machine was made in Clydebank, Scotland, sometime between January and June 1917, so it is now an authentic antique.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: E or F

Macro Moments: Week 34 – Bobbin Winder

This week, another close-up of part of the mechanism of our vintage Singer sewing machine. This is a detail of the bobbin winder. It looks to be in pretty good shape for something that’s exactly a hundred years old this year.


Macro Moments Week 34

Macro Moments Week 33: Presser Foot

Maintaining the stitching theme after last week’s thimble, here is a close-up of part of the mechanism of the vintage Singer sewing machine that we acquired last year. I believe this bit is called the presser foot – including the integral thumb screw.


Nikon D800 with Nikkor 105mm ƒ2.8 Macro lens. 1/125 at ƒ3.3 using built-in flash. ISO 1250. Cropped and edited in Lightroom.

More macro images to be found hosted by Sue Gutterman at Musin’ With Susan.

Macro Moments Week 33

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

The village of Oradour-sur-Glane is a national monument in France. In June 1944 a battalion of the German SS massacred over 600 men, women and children here. It has been left just as it was in the aftermath of that atrocity for over seventy years.

Walls have collapsed, wooden furniture has long rotted away, but metal objects are more resilient and still survive, despite being exposed to the elements for over half a century.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

Tuesdays of Texture: Singer

A few months ago Madame realised a lifelong ambition and acquired a vintage Singer sewing machine – similar to the one on which she herself originally learned to sew.  At the moment, it’s sitting in our entrance hall in front of a bright and cheerful quilt that hangs on the wall: one interesting texture set against another.


Tuesdays of Texture Week 49