Thursday Doors: Perigueux

We recently spent a couple of days in the town of Perigueux, the main administrative centre of the Dordogne département, which is also blessed with a well-preserved medieval centre – with many doors. Not quite on the scale of Cahors, but enough to provide images for a few weeks of these posts.

So, to get straight into it, here’s one of the very first doors I encountered:

Not a bad start. However, as most old and interesting doors tend, in my experience, to be brown, we could hardly leave these out:

Perhaps a little more prosaic:

However, to finish on a brighter note:

Thursday Doors 11 October 2018

6 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Perigueux

  1. A very promising start. I’ve always been drawn to the ones that have those bolts (or is it rivets?) that go all the way through. I assume this is the hold the wood laminations together but for whatever the reason, I always find myself staring at those ones a bit longer.

  2. #22 looks interesting. I like how the door and the window covering match. Although neither look all that inviting, come to think of it.

  3. A really fine collection of characterful doors there. Is that a little blue hand door knocker on the last door?

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