Thursday Doors: Perigueux (3)

Another instalment of the doors of Perigueux for this week. Just in case the colourful ones from the last couple of weeks have raised the blood pressure too much, the common theme of this instalment is that they’re all – brown.

Usually I focus in quite closely on the door itself, but I thought that this gives an idea of the narrow streets in which most of these examples are to be found:

And here’s another example of a doorway having been inserted into a previously existing archway – with room to spare:

More old brown doors:

Not quite so old, but at least as tatty:

Although this is my favourite for this week, with the glass and ironwork, and a faded curtain adding further interest:

Still plenty more to come from Perigueux, but for the next couple of weeks we’ll be revisiting some other haunts for previously unseen doors.

Thursday Doors 25 October 2018

4 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Perigueux (3)

  1. Yes, the last one is my favorite, too. Each year I visit France, I’m amazed at how close to the road houses in the country are, some close enough that stepping out of your house injudiciously could lead to death! I do like being a bit further from the street. 🙂


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