Thursday Doors: Chabanais Revisited

Taking a break from the treasures of Perigueux, I recently revisited the nearby (40 minute drive) town of Chabanais, which was featured here about a year ago. I managed to discover a few more interesting doors.

After last week’s diet of exclusively brown doors, here, by way of a change, are a couple of green ones:

And a white one, with some interesting metalwork:

This one’s back to brown, but also has the redeeming feature of metalwork:

While this one also has a weathered shutter to enjoy:

But here’s my favourite from this week’s selection, spotted through a broken window in a derelict house:

Thursday Doors 1 November 2018

6 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Chabanais Revisited

  1. I have a soft spot for the abandoned buildings with their fantastic light, textures and the ghosts of lives so that last shot is a beauty for me.

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