Thursday Doors: Year-End Review

Prior to a short break for the holiday season, Norm has suggested that this week we look back over the past year and select some of our favourites. I’m quite happy to go along with that, so here are half a dozen blasts from the (recent) past, culminating in my personal Door of The Year.

Although you can digitally manipulate almost every aspect of an image these days, somehow you can’t alter the fundamental quality of the light in which the original image was captured. It couldn’t get much better than when I took this photograph of a superannuated refreshment room in Villandry.

Another example of ideal light is this image from Chabanais:

This gates/door combination from the neighbouring village of Nouic has no great age, but I do find the symmetry (and the colour) very attractive.

This door, to be found in  our local village, was posted comparatively recently, but as it received an above-average number of favourable comments, here’s another look.

Here’s my runner-up: with its faded panels and especially the faded lace curtains, it strikes me as archetypally French:

However, (fanfare) here is my Door Of The Year. This is from Cahors. Can you beat that for decrepitude? I’ll wait.

Thursday Doors 20 December 2018

4 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Year-End Review

  1. Decrepitude often brings two things to mind at the same time: pity and why don’t they clean it up?
    Yes, the small blue door, next to the fence door would be my choice in your review too:)
    A merry Christmas to you!

  2. Some excellent choices from an exceptional yearly crop of wonderful doors. Thanks so much for showing us your corner of the world each week and for being a part of our quirky little group. All the best to you and yours for the holidays and here’s to many fruitful doorscursions in 2019.

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