Thursday Doors: West London

Late last year we went and stayed for a few days with our son and daughter-in-law, who recently moved down from Edinburgh to London, where they have bought a lovely house in the west London suburb of Chiswick. These are a few of the doors I noticed on our (many) dog-walking expeditions. Rather different from the usual diet here of tatty rural French doors, but a change is as good as a rest.

It’s fair to assume that this is not the only door belonging to this house:

This one boasts a closed-in porch:

While this one goes for the grand porticoed look:

But if you really want grand, you need to visit the Grade 1 listed Chiswick House, formerly the London residence of the Duke of Devonshire, but now a public park. This is ‘just’ the side view:

Finally, a couple of more prosaic ‘tradesmen’s entrances’

Thursday Doors 17 January 2019

6 Comments on “Thursday Doors: West London

  1. Some grand entrances in this collection but the one that caught my eye was that perfectly weathered green one at the end.
    Nice shots 🙂

  2. The third pinkish, reddish door with the ginormous knocker is a standout. They all are quite stunning on their own but this one just screams for one to take a photo or two!

  3. Lovely doors, even if they’re not shabby old French ones. That first door reminded me of the back door on our house, when we bought it. It had been empty for ten years and there was a curtain of ivy hanging down over it. You couldn’t even see the door.

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