Thursday Doors: Le Dorat revisited

The petit cité de caractère (as it likes to style itself) of Le Dorat has featured in this thread before, albeit only once and that almost three years ago. A recent visit – for a specific purpose that will be revealed next week – yielded quite a few previously undiscovered doors of character, starting with this impressive ironwork on the door of a butcher’s shop:

Echoing this style is the door….er, next door:

Two doors for the price of one next, although the impressive stonework surround gives the edge to the one on the right:

And here’s another with an even more elaborate surround:

But before we get carried away with ideas of grandeur, here are a couple of doors that could be politely described as derelict:

Thursday Doors 4 July 2019

4 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Le Dorat revisited

  1. Wonderful doors and stonework. I’m afraid I looked much closer at the butcher’s signboard than at the doors; they seem to have game as well as the usual farm animals.

  2. I like the signboard, too, but all the doors are attractive as well. I like the contrast between the two side-by-side doors.


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