Thursday Doors: Even More From Perigueux (2)

Another selection from the lost treasures of my library of images from the medieval town of Perigueux.

To begin, an elaborately-framed arched example:

Another arched door, juxtaposed with a more conventional one:

This one seems to be trying to hide in a corner:

And a few more:

Finally, as something of a contrast, this more modern door with art deco ironwork:

Thursday Doors 8 August 2019

4 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Even More From Perigueux (2)

  1. I find that first greeny, black door intriguing! The surround sets it off, makes the larger door even larger. Nice photos.

  2. Whoa that first door big, bold, and beautiful! I noticed the fence around the pillars – smart idea:) In the more humble doors, the lavender strikes my fancy.

  3. Great set of weathered old beauties. The weirdly skewed angle of the first one was making my head hurt 😀
    #6 near the end of the post has some fine details to it that are quite unique. It makes me want to see it closer but preferably with a few dozen coats of paint stripped off.
    Wonderful post 🙂

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