Calf’S Head

With one eye on the calendar and the other on Bushboy’s ‘Last Photo On The Card’ challenge, on February 27th I took a perfectly pleasant picture of an oak leaf encased in ice. “That’ll do nicely”, I thought to myself.

However, the following day we visited our local butcher (a proper butcher, not a counter in a supermarket). When we entered the shop, one of the butchers was setting about this with a very sharp knife.

We’ve seen worse.

The Last Photo February 2023

2 Comments on “Calf’S Head

  1. If you watch enough cooking shows eventually you get to a spot where what is rarely seen does get seen. There are still places where nothing gets wasted. Though like you said now days this sight never makes it to the supermarket meat counter.

  2. I have done the same myself and then the unexpected happens, like my car on my post. I took some photos in Naples of sheeps heads in butcher shop windows. Something that is never seen here. A interesting Last Photo. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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