Calf’S Head

With one eye on the calendar and the other on Bushboy’s ‘Last Photo On The Card’ challenge, on February 27th I took a perfectly pleasant picture of an oak leaf encased in ice. “That’ll do nicely”, I thought to myself.

However, the following day we visited our local butcher (a proper butcher, not a counter in a supermarket). When we entered the shop, one of the butchers was setting about this with a very sharp knife.

We’ve seen worse.

The Last Photo February 2023

The new car

One of our near neighbours is something of a car enthusiast. Given that the most common form of automotive transport in these parts is a small white panel van, this turquoise Porsche Carrera is pretty much guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

January’s Last Photo

The Hand Of Buddha

I spotted this his bizarre looking item in one of our local supermarkets. The pink circle is actually a polystyrene basket, but those yellow tentacles are the Hand of Buddha.

It’s something I’ve never seen – or even heard of – before, so I wasn’t particularly inclined to shell out fifteen euros (about the same in dollars) to discover what it tasted of.

Apparently, it’s a citrus fruit that has an aroma of lemon blossom, no juice but a mild, sweet pith which can be eaten raw or zested.

At that price, I’ll just take their word for it.

The Last Photo

November’s Last Photo

I was struck by the contrast of this brightly coloured dead leaf set against the green moss on the top of one of our raised flower beds.

November’s Last Photo

October’s Last Photo

Autumn is now well advanced, but this borage has appeared only recently. We have seen a few in the past couple of years, all emanating from a bag of mixed wildflower seeds that were sewn in, and until now confined to, raised flower beds, but this one obviously jumped over the side and managed to make its escape.

October’s last photo 2022

September’s Last photo

A misty start to the day highlights the dew that has settled on this intricate cobweb.

July’s Last Photo

This is part of the ‘deli’ section of our local village shop – the Superette’.

If you’re wondering what museau de porc is, let me enlighten you: it’s pig’s snout.

I am not making this up. Or eating it.

The Last Photo July 2022

June’s Last photo

Yesterday we went on a coach trip. It rained all morning – although fortunately it cleared up later – and at the side of the road I saw this foxglove, complete with raindrops.

The Last Photo June 2022

May’s last photo

We bought some hydrangeas to fill a gap in one of our beds.

May’s last photo

April’s Last Photo

In our son’s garden in Oxfordshire, I was struck by the almost luminous bark on this tree.

April’s last photo