Three ‘A’s in Alpaca

Cee wants something with at least two ‘A’sĀ  for her CMMC this week.

This just-sheared alpaca qualifies, with room to spare.

CMMC 24 February 2021


There are plenty of farm animals round these parts to fulfil Cee’s Fun ‘Foto’ ChallengeĀ  for this week.

However, for something a little out of the ordinary I decided to avoid using any of my images of cattle, horses or sheep and instead am using a photograph I took at a nearby alpaca farm.

Cee’s Fun ‘Foto’ Challenge: Farm Animals

Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

So, you take some gaffer tape and two bags that once contained potting compost, put them together and you have a pair of Beats for an alpaca.

Either that, or something to restrain the beast while it’s being shorn. Yes, that would probably be it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 15 – Soft

The wool of the alpaca is well known for its exceptional softness – and sells at a premium that reflects this. Although this individual had just been sheared earlier this year, its topknot gives a good idea of the texture of its coat.


52 Weeks Photo Challenge

Chiropodist needed….

Recently, we went to watch some alpacas being sheared. These are the feet of one after it had also had its toenails clipped…

Alpaca feet

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Feet