Shooting A drive-By

Even in the depths of the countryside (i.e just up the road in Asnieres-sur-Blour), where few tourists ever venture, the locals sometimes can’t resist dressing up in ‘archetypal’ clothes – beret and red neckerchief – and parading up and down the street in their lovingly cared-for old tractors.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Circles and Wheels

Thursday Doors: Asnieres-sur-Blour (2)

Another set of doors from the nearby village of Asnières-sur-Blour.

This may be only a small door, but it has character to spare:

The next three images are all of the same building:

I suspect that this door doesn’t get much use:

Although these definitely do:

Thursday Doors 30 August 2018

Thursday Doors: Asnieres-sur-Blour

The village of Asnières-sur-Blour is yet another of those little rural communities that can be found within a fifteen-minute drive of Tranquility Base.

I was there last week, primarily to take photographs of old tractors (you can only envy me) for a project I’m working on currently. However, as so often happens, the doors proved a lot more interesting than the agricultural machinery, as we’ll see here over the next couple of weeks.

Just to confirm where we are:

Doors like these – on buildings used to accommodate farm animals – are a common local feature and similar ones have appeared here before:

Just across the road from those old things is a new house (well, the cladding at least is new) but with this older door in it:

It’s not always possible to get up close and personal with the doors you might want to capture for posterity, so finally for this week here are a couple of images snatched through a fence:

Thursday Doors 23 August 2018