52 Week Smartphone Challenge: 13 – Beginnings

One quarter of the way through the 52 Week Smartphone Challenge and the theme is ‘Beginnings’. Which may seem a bit late, but in terms of nature the timing is spot on.

New life is beginning everywhere – including on our laurel bushes. We’re never short of a bayleaf when the recipe demands one.

52WeekSmartphoneChallenge 13

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 10 – Morning

For Week 10 of her 52 Weeks Photo Challenge, The Girl That Dreams Awake has chosen the topic of ‘Morning’.

Naturally enough, ‘morning’ is often equated with ‘beginning’. When we came to France in 2004 to look for a home to buy we stayed in a gite, from the window of which I took this picture of early morning mist. So it also marks a beginning.


52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 10 – Morning