Mundane? Bus Stop

This bus stop was actually adjacent to the watchman’s hut that I featured last week. It’s ‘just’ a bus stop, but I liked the symmetry, the angularity of the shadows and the warm glow of the morning sun through the plastic walls.


Mundane Mondays

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 10 – Morning

For Week 10 of her 52 Weeks Photo Challenge, The Girl That Dreams Awake has chosen the topic of ‘Morning’.

Naturally enough, ‘morning’ is often equated with ‘beginning’. When we came to France in 2004 to look for a home to buy we stayed in a gite, from the window of which I took this picture of early morning mist. So it also marks a beginning.


52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 10 – Morning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

The morning sun shines through the east window of the church at Blond, in the Limousin region of France, casting this impressionistic image of the stained glass across the stone floor next to the altar.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

When visiting Petra, go early, not just to miss the crowds but for the quality of the light.

This is a view of the ‘Siq’ – the long narrow gorge that eventually opens out to the dramatic and famous view of the Treasury. It was early, but as you can see, we weren’t the first.

Early Bird

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird