Tuesday Photo Challenge: Scale

Petra is built on a colossal scale, as is evident from this view of the Treasury from the Siq – the 1.2km long narrow passage that is the most common way to enter the ‘rose-red city, half as old as time’.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Scale

Tuesdays of Texture: Coin

On a wet afternoon last week I was roaming the house with my macro lens and got this close-up image, which revealed the interesting texture of the central inset.

We must have picked up this Jordanian half-dinar coin when we visited Petra, almost five years ago.


Don’t get too excited: it’s worth about 70 US cents, or £0.65.

Tuesdays of Texture

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

It doesn’t matter that you know it’s there. The first sight of the Nabatean treasury at Petra, as the long, narrow path of the Siq opens up to reveal the ‘rose red’ ruined city is almost guaranteed to take your breath away.

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asks for something that conveys “the excitement, surprise, wonder, or amazement of your ‘road taken’.”

I reckon tthis qualifies:


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

This is a view of the long, deep and narrow gorge , called the ‘Siq’, that is the main entrance to the historical site of Petra, in Jordan. The two figures on horseback give a good idea of scale.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow


Large? You want large? Take a look at the human figures at bottom left of this image from Petra and you’ll get some idea of the scale of this monumental work.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Large Subjects

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

This column of rock by the Dead Sea in Jordan is said (by the tour guides) to be the pillar of salt into which Lot’s wife was turned when she stole a backward glance at the Cities of The Plain.

Whatever. What isn’t in doubt is that erosion qualifies as a force of nature.

Forces of Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

When visiting Petra, go early, not just to miss the crowds but for the quality of the light.

This is a view of the ‘Siq’ – the long narrow gorge that eventually opens out to the dramatic and famous view of the Treasury. It was early, but as you can see, we weren’t the first.

Early Bird

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Photography 101: Landmark

Another image from Petra. This time, the famous Nabataean Treasury but from a more unusual perspective (as per the suggestions in the assignment).

I also like the juxtaposition of the carved monument and the rough stone on the right: like a particularly spectacular  ‘before and after’.

I’ve posted some more abstract images from Petra here.


Photography 101: Connect

This bridge connects two parts of the site at Petra and is the only feasible way of reaching some of the largest rock carvings.

Madame, who has a fear of heights, was not happy having to cross over this rather ramshackle affair, especially with the shadow pointing to the bottom of the fifty-foot deep ravine that it spans.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Detail from the triumphal arch in the Roman city of Jerash, in Jordan. I think they were trying to make a point.