Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

This column of rock by¬†the Dead Sea in Jordan is said (by the tour guides) to be the pillar of salt into which Lot’s wife was turned when she stole a backward glance at the Cities of The Plain.

Whatever. What isn’t in doubt is that erosion qualifies as a force of nature.

Forces of Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Here is another picture from Petra, showing the sandstone layers from which the monuments were carved. You can find more in this other post.


Surreal sandstone

I memorably spent my 60th birthday (last year) in Petra, thereby realising a lifelong ambition. I have all the standard touristy shots to prove it, and the overall experience more than lived up to my hopes and expectations.

However, while wandering around the ruins over the two days we spent there, I was especially struck by some of the rock formations. So, rather than bore you with the usual postcard pics, here are some of the almost surreal images I saw in the sandstone.