Purple (take my word for it) wisteria borders this set of steps in the very floral village of Chedigny.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Steps

Thursday Doors: Chedigny en fleur

More doors from Chédigny this week and, as promised, this time with added flowers (particularly roses), for which the village is justly famous.

In this first image is apparently the oldest rose bush in the village, over a hundred years old. And you’ve got to love the purple paintwork.


Here are another two doors featuring Chédigny’s signature roses:

And finally, not roses but some pretty impressive wisteria:


Thursday Doors 2 June 2016

Thursday Doors: Chedigny

The little village of Chédigny, in the central Indre-et-Loire département, is widely held to be one of the loveliest in France, and is particularly noted for its flowers, which line the streets and can be found on or outside pretty much every house. Of course, every house has at least one porte and on a recent visit I took enough photographs for at least a couple of door-themed posts.

I’ll save the best flower-surrounded examples for another time (respecting the old adage that you should ‘always leave them wanting more’), but to whet the appetite, here are a few of the plainer – although still interesting in their different ways – examples.

The only thing to say about this first one is that it seems to have been overtaken by events, as half of it is below the current pavement level. If it opens outwards, then someone’s in trouble.


By contrast, here are two doors with more elevated aspects, both of which you would step out through at your peril:



And finally the austere simplicity of the side door of the village church:


Thursday Doors 26 May 2016