Tuesday Photo Challenge – Animals

This noble-looking horse was carrying one of the riders at the Birds of Prey show in Confolens-St-Germain.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Animals

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Progress

Out here in the French countryside, many things are still done as they have been for generations – working off the lunar calendar, for example. However, the local farmers are by no means averse to using technology to make their life a bit easier.

So the horses have been put out to grass and the heavy work is now done with tractors. And that’s progress.

Just ask the horse.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Progress

H is for Horse

This striking white horse is one of a group of about half a dozen or so that belongs to one of our neighbours.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: G or H

Composition: The Outtakes

We’re having what the French call a pause pour reflexion in Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge this time around. A time to think about the ground we’ve covered already and also an opportunity to show some images that didn’t quite make the cut for posting under the various topics that we’ve dealt with in the past months. Here’s a selection of mine:


Now, what is this a picture of? Is it the building on the right (the apartment block in Abu Dhabi where we lived for ten years)? Or is it the glass-plated building on the left? Or perhaps it’s the reflection of the former in the latter?


Diagonal Lines

I used an image of two giraffes in my first posting on the topic of diagonal lines, but I could equally have used this profile of a horse – one of many in the fields around here.


Now two images that cover more than one aspect of the various topics we’ve looked at so far:

Leading Lines & Analogous Colours

A hillside vineyard near the village of Ay, in the Champagne regionĀ  shows blue and green together, as well as leading lines


Geometry and Contrasting Colours

Orange and blue dominate this image of a seal at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Obviously the balanced ball is one geometric shape but the curve of the seal’s body is like an arc of a circle.



Fences everywhere you look

This week, Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is on the subject of fences. Well, in this photograph taken at the La Sagne Hippodrome you have:

  • In the foreground, the fence dividing spectators from the race course
  • In the background, the fence marking the border of the racecourse
  • In the middle, two steeplechase fences, with their accompanying siderails (also fences)

The horse that’s actually jumping the fence is a bonus:


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fences

Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

First past the post at the La Sagne hippodrome, near Le Dorat


Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

Horse’s Head (Detail)

Detail of a carved wooden horse that sits on a table in our salon. The monochrome conversion (the real thing is actually bronze-coloured) highlights the interesting textures of the piece.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge.