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Thursday Doors: Thiers – doors without number

Thiers is a major town in the Auvergne region of France. It has a well-preserved medieval centre and is widely known as the nation’s knife capital. I mean that in a good way: it is the centre of the knife (and, more broadly, the cutlery) industry. Just like it says here:

Thiers none11

As I discovered on a recent visit, it is also quite possibly the French motherlode for interesting doors, both ancient and modern. In fact, I spotted so many irresistible portals that I’ve had to split them into three posts for sharing here; so, odd numbers, even numbers and, this week, neither. Doors without number indeed.

Thiers none2

I particularly like the pastel tones and composition of this one (plus it’s an unusual doorway):

Thiers none10

Thiers none12

Thiers none1

Just for a change, a pair of cellar doors; haven’t seen any of these for quite a few years:

Thiers none6

There’s even a door where another door used to be:

Thiers none13

Thursday Doors 25 August 2016