Thursday Doors: La Chatre

On a coach outing last weekend, we stopped for lunch in a town in central France called La Chatre. I’m not really sure why, since it wasn’t anywhere near any of the places we were actually visiting either before or after lunch.

Be that as it may, perhaps it was the dull, overcast conditions, but it didn’t strike me as a particularly cheerful or attractive place to be, or to spend much time in. There was a sign pointing towards a ‘medieval centre’ – although we never got anywhere near it – so perhaps I’m doing it a disservice.

I think these doors rather catch the mood of the place:


Even these atrractive arched doorways are somewhat blighted by the accretions of grime at the top of the wall:


This grand house has a nice enough, if shabby, front door, but oh my dear, the shutters:


…and as for the tradesmens’ entrance:


Maintaining the theme of grubbiness:


But, to try and finish on an upbeat note, I liked these doors on an obviously recently refurbished building:


Fortunately, the afternoon was spent in rather more cheerful and picturesque locations, with doors to be shared here over the next few weeks.

Thursday Doors 29 September 2016