Consider The Lily

For this week’s ‘Fun Foto’ Challenege, Cee is looking for a macro or close-up image. Well, here is a look into the heart of a flowering lily. Be sure to keep that pollen off your clothes, because you’ll never get it off.

Cee’s Fun ‘Foto’ Challenge: Macro

Macro Moments: Week 13

This week, Sue at Musin’ With Susan wants us to ‘get real close’. Well here is a real macro shot of the top of the stamen of a lily, I think it’s the closest close-up I have in my collection.


Nikon D300, Nikkor 105mm f2.8 Macro lens. 1/5 at f22

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 13

Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

This photograph was taken when I first got my Nikon 105mm Macro lens to play with. It’s the centre of a lily flower and you can see the pollen that you can never get rid off if it gets on your clothes…


…as you can see from the original


Weekly Photo Challenge: Details