Thursday Doors: Saint Martial-sur-Isop (2) – Fade To Grey

Last week’s selection of doors to be found in the nearby village of Saint-Martial-sur-Isop had in common the fact that they were all quite colourful. This week’s doors, however, are gradually having the colour bleached out of them.

To maintain some continuity with last week, though, here’s a still quite chirpy example:

But now it’s downhill all the way, starting with this fading green door that is accessible only by a crumbling wooden staircase that nobody in their right mind would use:

And now, in progressive stages of abandoned neglect:

Until finally we get to a building where even the vegetation’s given up:

‘Oh well, a touch of grey/Kinda suits you anyway”

Next week, proof that it’s not all doom and gloom in St-Martial.

Thursday Doors 22 June 2017

Thursday Doors: Saint-Martial-sur-Isop (1)

Moving on from Saint-Barbant, this is – depending on the direction of approach – either the first or last house in Saint-Martial-sur-Isop. Either way, it’s right on the border between the two communes:

It’s a shame that this little door, being set back from the surrounding buildings, rather hides its light under a bushel, because it’s a lovely colour:

However, this has always been my favourite door in Saint-Martial:

This smaller image may give a better idea of the scale:

And it looks like they may have shared a pot of paint with their neighbours:

Enough to do the side door and window too:

And finally for this week, another green door. This one is on the Mairie:

Thursday Doors 15 June 2017

Tuesdays of Texture: Woolly

In response to overwhelming public demand – by which I mean a kind comment left by Narami on a previous post – here are a couple more images from the recent Fête de la Laine in nearby Saint-Martial-sur-Isop.

Tuesdays of Texture 6 June 2017

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 36 – Simple Things

An artfully rusted bicycle propped up against a wall in the village of Saint-Martial-sur-Isop during last weekend’s Fête de la Laine (hence the woolly decorations).

A simple subject framed according to the simple Rule of Thirds.

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 36 – Simple Things

Tuesdays of Texture: Wool on the Well

Next weekend, the nearby village of Saint-Martial-sur-Isop is holding a two-day ‘Fête de la Laine’ – a wool festival. Already, the village is decorated with wool – around telegraph poles, on benches and also, as here, wrapped around the wooden winding piece and rust chains of an old well. Plenty of textures here:

Tuesdays of Texture 23 May 2017