Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

Having a sometimes overly literal frame of mind, finding an image to fit this week’s topic of ‘cherry on top’ presented some intial difficulties: i.e nothing in my collection with cherries on.

However, there is this photograph  (which I admit to posting before, as part of Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge) of a performing seal at Taronga Zoo in Sydney that comes reasonably close to the mark.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 19 – Gap

In the gap betwen two high-rise buildings in central Sydney, here we see the New Year’s Eve firework display (with the added bonus of reflections in the plate glass). This was a 0.5 second exposure, but I think the resultant slight blur makes the light from the fireworks even more dramatic than it actually was.


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 19 – Gap


For the latest step in Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge we are asked to consider the geometrical shapes within our images. Unusually, I had no problem finding potential candidates for inclusion in this selection. Quite the reverse, in fact, which is why, as an extra challenge, I confined myself to photographs that I took in Australia – mostly in and around Sydney – a few years ago.

This first image – of an upturned boat on the beach at Watson’s Bay, across the harbour from the city – contains multiple geometric shapes, in terms of both subject and composition:


Below are pairs of images featuring the most common geometric shapes. Hover over any picture for a (slightly) fuller comment.




Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Geometry

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 16 – Behind

Two waterbirds – one behind the other – at Taronga Zoo, in Sydney.


Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 16

Before & After: Boat

I took this photograph of an upturned boat at Watson’s Bay, near Sydney. It was a bit of a snatched shot and while the subject is interesting, it’s a little frustrating because I didn’t capture the entire boat, cutting off the prow (at the bottom of the image) and the sides. Furthermore, the horizon (waterline) isn’t straight and the colours are rather bleached – partly because it’s a pretty weatherbeaten vessel in the first place and also because it was taken around noon – so I was probably on my way to lunch, which probably explains why it was a snatched shot.


Boat before


Boat after

I cropped out most of the boat, the shoreline and the surrounding sand, and also added a light Vignette. This brought the real interest, the bottom of the boat, and especially the ‘trident’ effect of the struts, properly to the fore.

This produced an almost abstract feel, which was reinforced largely by reducing the Luminance and modestly tweaking the Saturation of the key colours, blue and orange

ABFriday 19 February 2016





Colour basics

Cee’s Composition Challenge has now moved on to colour basics (I’m sorry; I just can’t bring myself to spell colour without the ‘u’), beginning with the difference between the warm and cool ends of the spectrum.


To begin with, two cool images from the United Arab Emirates; on the left, a mosaic ceiling panel from Wafi Mall in Dubai, while on the right is part of the landmark blue glass-plated façade  of the Bainunah Hilton on the Corniche in Abu Dhabi.


By contrast, two notably warmer images: on the left, my grandson crawling through a brightly coloured tunnel in a childrens’ playground in Abu Dhabi. On the right a bunch of flowers from a table in the music room of Chateau d’Amboise.

Finally, two pictures, one warm and one cool. These were taken at the entrance to a cafe in a shopping mall near Circular Quay in Sydney. They are two individual images, as shot, illustrating that the same view of the same subject could be either warm or cool, depending on the light.

Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Color (sic) Basics

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

This photograph was taken at Circular Quay in Sydney, and is a detail from a sculpture depicting a settler family. It’s one of a series that commemorates Australia’s early days.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio