Tuesdays of Texture: Wheelhub

This well-weathered cartwheel was spotted in the grounds of a hotel in the wine country of New South Wales:

Tuesdays of Texture

Tuesdays Of Texture: Window

Alerted by the estimable Norm 2.0, I thought I’d make a contribution to the ‘Tuesdays of Texture’ stream hosted by Narami at De Monte Y Mar.

This old window is to be found high up on the wall of Paulette’s barn, here in the very hameau referred to in the name of this blog. I think the textures of the wood, the stone work and the metal are all worth a look.

Texture- Window

And here’s the same window in context:

Paulette's Barn

One Photo Focus: January 2016

For the January One Photo Focus we were given this image by Laura Macky of Laura Macky Photography

January One Photo Focus copy

It’s an excellent photograph as it stands: a well-composed image of an interesting subject. There seemed little to be gained from tweaking details like saturation; that would be more likely to detract than to enhance. So I decided to take just a part of the whole and turn it into something different.

The angle at which the boat is beached provided some interesting diagonals in the superstructure, so I cropped tightly into the subject itself. Although I like the colours in the original, I felt that it would also work well in black and white. A bit of work on the sliders brought out more detail in the peeling paintwork, giving it a more ‘weatherbeaten’ look.


January One Photo Focus