This colourful windcatcher wheel was displayed at the annual air show in nearby Blond.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wheels

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Broken

Still away from base, so for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge this week it’s another dig into the archives to match his theme of ‘Broken’.

I must say, this is one of my favourite photos – a broken cartwheel seen through the window of the blacksmith’s shop in the nearby ‘living museum’ village of Montrol-Sénard. The blurring of the ancient glass and the spiders’ webs gives the image an other-worldly atmosphere.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Broken

Tuesdays of Texture: Wheelhub

This well-weathered cartwheel was spotted in the grounds of a hotel in the wine country of New South Wales:

Tuesdays of Texture

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 11 – Round

The latest theme in the 52 Weeks Photo Challenge set by The Girl That Dreams Awake is ‘Round’.

As I’m travelling this week and next, and I’ve never mastered all this Cloud-based technology stuff, I only have access to what’s already in my Media Library or on my iPad. I was therefore a little worried that I wouldn’t have an appropriate photo for the challenge.

Fortunately, though, I do have this image of the wheel of our friend Terry’s pride-and-joy (and immaculate) Triumph motor-cycle, which certainly fits the bill.


(I used another image of this bike for Week 1 of the challenge.)

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 11

Wheels within wheels

Montrol-Sénard is a village in the Limousin countryside, not far from here, that is preserved as a living museum of rural life at around the turn of the last century. This image shows part of a piece of  machinery in the village smithy. Don’t ask me what it’s for.


Posted in response to Cee’s latest Black & White Photo Challenge.