Thursday Doors: Haddington Part 2

As foreshadowed last week, some of the shop and other commercial doors that can be found in the East Lothian market town of Haddington

This one’s hard to miss:


And I particularly like this door set into the corner of the building:


An old building that’s seen rather better days. I derive no reassurance whatsoever from the message on the door:


A rather more modern – although still dated – shopfront:


The local estate agencies don’t stint themselves when it comes to imposing doorways:



Thursday Doors 8 December 2016

6 Comments on “Thursday Doors: Haddington Part 2

  1. Some lovely old building in this collection. It seems like a wonderful area to stroll around and just admire 🙂

  2. Edinburgh and its old buildings are beautiful, you captured them so well. One of my daughters lives in West Lothian. I’ll have to visit the east side on my next trip.

  3. Red house is unmissable! Corner door is worthy of a mention too, a nice find. They are all door-worthy but I also like the capture of peeling paint and dank stonework portrayed in the shots, it adds texture… Nice!

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