Fighting goats

The colour theme for Cee’s midweek challenge this month is yellow.

In the East Lothian town of Haddington there is a statue of a pair of goats fighting. It’s imaginatively called ‘The Haddington Goats’.

And there’s a yellow wall behind it.

CMMC 9 June 2021

We’re talking telephone numbers here…

This abandoned shop in the Scottish town of Haddington was once the go-to place for those new-fangled satellite dishes

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Numbers

Thursday Doors: Haddington Part 2

As foreshadowed last week, some of the shop and other commercial doors that can be found in the East Lothian market town of Haddington

This one’s hard to miss:


And I particularly like this door set into the corner of the building:


An old building that’s seen rather better days. I derive no reassurance whatsoever from the message on the door:


A rather more modern – although still dated – shopfront:


The local estate agencies don’t stint themselves when it comes to imposing doorways:



Thursday Doors 8 December 2016

Thursday Doors: Haddington

For the next couple of weeks, Thursday Doors will be coming from Scotland again, more specifically the market town of Haddington in East Lothian, a still largely rural area to the east of Edinburgh.

Rather like St Andrews, there’s a bit of a Calvinist streak in a lot of the local architecture, as in the gate to the old manse:


and this building – whose purpose isn’t immediately obvious – just along the way:


Like something a little more colourful? Bad luck:


To be fair, though, it’s not all John Knox inspired gloom:


We stayed in a holiday cottage just outside the town. It was converted from the old byre (cowshed) and is all mod cons. The same can’t be said of these other outbuildings, although you can’t complain about the vivacity of the doors:



Next week, some of the commercial premises of Haddington, which I promise are much more colourful.

Thursday Doors 1 December 2016